on ambition

Posted by resonanteye on 10/30/2007

I want to get more motivated. I want to be less lazy. I want to do better, work harder, grab the day each day and fucking DO SHIT RIGHT…I don’t wanna look back later on and wish I was more motivated and more driven and less lazy and afraid…I wanna conquer the world

I see my friends getting better all the time, my colleagues outpacing me, growing, doing things I wish I could do…working, doing amazing stuff

people growing all the time. the seattle convention made me wish I was way better than I am. I don’t know where to start except to sink my fingers in to the knuckles and grab hold, and ride

I’m gonna work way harder way more often, I gotta catch up to my people and pass them, I want to be as inspiring to them as they are to me

someone told me over the weekend that they were surprised that with my attitude and interests that my book had a lot of flowers and bright lightness in it and foofoo things. they are right. I don’t get to do the kind of images I really like, things I like, as often as I want to

skulls, blood, gore, zombies, satans, devil, naked chicks…the scary stuff…I need to put myself into my work more, my secret self, and not be afraid that I’ll go broke

I know there has to be people like me, who like that kind of stuff, out there,…I know I can do it

I just gotta work really hard, hope that everyone helps me out when I need it, gives me directions to the place I wanna be

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