the history of resonanteye

Posted by resonanteye on 08/28/2008

HERE is a link for those of you who are curious about what was going on here back when I first started getting into all this stuff. I’d only been tattooing a short while, so please don’t think I am always moronic. thanks.

I originally started using this name back in 95, on a bbs. then it was my hotmail account. that mail is still open, by the way.

I owned for years, then forgot to pay it for a while. Now it’s back in my hands. Feels good. Enjoy the old version, and let me know what you think of this, the new one!

2 Responses to “the history of resonanteye”

  1. well, most of my entries have images after the break. If you find a post interesting, and click “read more”, there are only a few that do not have images of my art attached.

    I’ll make it a point to put at least one egg in each basket from now on!


  2. apinkykiss said

    Greetings resonanteye,

    In answer to your post in the “Plug you blog” thread, yes, I’m sure many such as myself, outside the tattoo artists circle, would be very interested in your work.

    I admire art in many forms, especially tattoos. No, I do not have any nor do I wish to have one. Fear of needles? Perhaps…

    I was hoping to find more photos throughout your blog, maybe I am looking in the wrong places? Although the “cheeks” did make me crack a smile and I did enjoy the art I found there.


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