Redding Ink

Posted by resonanteye on 09/17/2008

This weekend I will be working at the Redding Ink convention, in Redding, CA, with the womantattooartistforum and with HPP.

It should be a blast, if you are in CA and want some work done come on out and see me there, and be aware I will smell quite strongly of in-n-out burger the whole weekend.

also, link of the day:

this guy is sometimes annoying as shit and equally stupid, but then there are other days when I love his stuff. I’m on board with this:
So, at a time when I’m supporting Obama and the democratic party… man, I just really wish that 90% of Liberals weren’t such fucking morons. I can’t vote for McCain: I can’t support the right-wing, because anti-abortionists and anti-gay-marriage fuckers and chickenhawk fags who wanna keep our kids in Iraq – those fuckers are WORSE than liberal retards. Liberal retards MAY be more annoying – I guess they probably *are* more annoying – but they’re also way less evil.
and being the ancient, no-longer-crusty-homeless-grew-up-poor punker I am, I also adore his disdain for trustys, posers, and the middle-class “revolutionaries”.
but like I said, he can be a real dick sometimes too. So this is a half-hearted endorsement, sort of like his half-hearted endorsement of obama. (who I also will have to vote for, seeing as I don’t believe in religion ruling the nation or young pregnant girls being stoned in public, or like that.)
just to let you know, I found his blog through the more consistently-wonderful site, jezebel.

4 Responses to “Redding Ink”

  1. amazing


  2. Quennainsolla said


    “The birth took place at the couple’s home (just outside Oslo),” says the palace, adding mother and baby were both well.


  3. someone is witty.


  4. bn fan said

    you suck all the time, not half the time you inked up psycho.


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