Blacklight inks

Posted by resonanteye on 09/25/2008

several points to be remembered about blacklight inks:

  • 1NO INK OR PIGMENT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE FDA FOR TATTOOING HUMAN BEINGS. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. there is a brand of ink that was approved for marking animals meant for human consumption. This is totally different (and was exploited by said company in a mildly dishonest way in their advertising.)
  • 2. Blacklight/UV inks are NOT glow-in-the-dark. Glow-in-the-dark ink would contain chemicals which are carcinogenic or otherwise very VERY dangerous to the human body. The inks we’re talking about are UV reactive, “blacklight ink”, not glowy ink.
  • 3. Blacklight reactive inks LOOK LIKE SHIT IN ANY OTHER LIGHT. They’re made for blacklight. They look like shit 99.9% of your time on earth. So careful, intelligent tattooers will only use these inks as a second layer, on top of an existing tattoo done in normal, everyday ink, that’s already healed.
  • 4.YOU LOOK STUPID. Blacklight inks only look good on top of another tattoo. So think about the design very carefully. If you do it right, you now have two tattoos on one patch of skin. If you do it wrong, you look stupid.
  • 5. Many artists are not willing to take the risk. It’s fine to say you don’t mind taking the risk of having a NEW relatively UNTESTED pigment used on you, and another thing when your arm falls off. Many, if not most artists, aren’t willing to trust that you will not blame them in the event of catastrophic failure. So don’t get pissed when they say NO.
  • 6.Rave til dawn! If you are looking for an “invisible” tattoo, give up. You aren’t gonna get that by doing this. You can see these inks in daylight.  Man up and get something in a visible place because it’s YOUR body or stop trying to somehow be a pussy and a badass simultaneously. This isn’t kindygarten.

5 Responses to “Blacklight inks”



  2. no, we need them to use on piercers who are into raves



  3. I have used the UV ink twice, out of maybe over 200+ requests. I personally agree with everything you have said, and I state all of these to my clients when they ask me about the inks.

    I usually tell them natures rule: If it glows, its dangerous. Look at the animal and plant kingdoms for referance. I wish they would just pull them from the market.


  4. our clients have that selective hearing, for sure! Handouts work sometimes, or signs. But tons of people walk into shops with their kids, and get mad when you point at the “No Minors” sign…sigh


  5. Ralph said

    At least twice a month someone comes into the shop I work at asking about blacklight tattoos. I think i’m going to print out a sheet with bullet points like you’ve outlined and just hand it to them and be done. I’ve recited these very points so many times…. yet still people don’t get it… like when we tell them we won’t do any procedures on anyone under 18… “But my parents will sign for it”… “No, we don’t do ANYTHING under ANY circumstances. No exceptions”


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