general strike

Posted by resonanteye on 09/25/2008

Incendiary words, yup.

But I think we should do it.

If you’re democrat, go on general strike because the government is planning to use poor people’s money to finance rich people’s bailout. Plus, we could have our universal health care and better schools for that ticket price. It’s a colossal waste, and it’s corrupt, and you guys are so totally against that.

If you’re republican, go on general strike because they’re killing the free market. By bailing out failing businesses and banks, we’re destroying our nation’s last grasp at real capitalism. We’re financing the weak! We’re making a bad investment, sending good money after bad…you should be even more infuriated than the left wing. I don’t know why you’re not- don’t you like the free market? Do you want the government to own everything? Do you like the idea that the government pays for businesses that are incapable of supporting themselves?

Let’s have a general strike, on monday. Everyone take the day off. Fuck it.

If they don’t listen to that, we’ve got nothing left but wholescale revolution (and I for one am not in the mood right now)

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