backwards day

Posted by resonanteye on 10/24/2008

clown doctorsSomeone told me mercury is in retrograde. I’m not too entirely sure how that applies to anything but the people peering up at it through a giant telescope, but I have heard rumor that it is a bad sign.
^halloween 06^

more rambling after the jump

I’ve been going through some weird stuff lately, those of you following this blog already know that. I myself am not too sure what it’s all about, but maybe that’s all it is- some kind of fairy tale about the planets affecting us.

Today is wonderful. Crisp, clear, sunny autumn in Oregon…did I just say clear? Yeah, it’s sunny. The garden is overgrown and full of pretty weeds. My head is stuffy. I’ve voted, I’ve had my photograph taken, I’m ready for something to happen. What, exactly, remains to be seen. But something.

This is a useless blog entry, sorry about that. Just rambling.

Link of the day:

Poor people are more likely to kill themselves.
Wonder why that is? (note:sarcasm)

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