my first year of tattooing

Posted by resonanteye on 11/11/2008

l_b1a990a7b1f448e2b5392e71bd0d0e3cI was:




not very tattooed

afraid to offend a client

afraid to say no to one

really into mandalas

hyped to draw with prismacolor pencils

really into the band neurosis

in a crappy relationshipl_5a68fc8d3001492bb86ffa1eb47449fc

working with some geniuses

intimidated by them

trying hard

being confused a lot

afraid to hurt people

mad that less-talented artists made more than me

not sure I was a good enough artist to tattoo people

5 Responses to “my first year of tattooing”

  1. schtuff said

    okay. :) my bad. :)

    well… not a few years. but, i was into colored pencil for a year. or a little more. i can recall calluses. i prefer conte crayons now. but, i chalk that up to maturity. (har-har)

    i know that the vibrating machine is only part of it. i’m waiting for you to acquire the flying apparatus used during the filming of the matrix. of course, you can skip the black vinyl trench coat. that would just be uncomfortable.


  2. look just email about appointments and work, this is too confusing to do on here haha

    if you drew with pencil six hours a day…you’d find a way to not draw with pencil six hours a day…
    ever draw with prismacolors for six hours a day, for a few years, five/six days a week? it takes its toll

    the vibrating machine is only a part of it


  3. schtuff said

    no. :( sadly, he’s all about may. and! i’ll still be in a&p 2 in until may, too. what about june? i can maybe talk him into june. or something. doing Vegas and SF as well, possibly (it’s on the table — have any route suggestions?) — this complicates matters.

    :) okay, so i have stronger wrists i guess. that, and i rarely heat prismacolors with a bic lighter. it helps.

    if i worked with vibrating machinery, i would usually sketch with something softer, too. i give you that.

    you’re like a cirque du soleil contortionist that draws. sort of amazing. also the reason that you have the rectus abdominus that you have, nimble little minx…


  4. april not may and I can do it

    and no, prismacolors or any other pencil suck, when you draw for work for six hours a day. sore hands, anyone?

    I used to get crampy wrists like you wouldn’t believe. until I started working from line drawings instead of fully-rendered art


  5. schtuff said

    well, prismacolors are the bomb.

    rawn & I… yes, i know. over it. whatever. let me write. r & i may head up there may 2009. sort of an 40th extraveganza for him & a bear safari for myself. would two sessions for two of your peeps be possible in may, yo? or are you in istanbul/beijing/moscow/corvallis at that time? hit me back.


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