dog chair

Posted by resonanteye on 12/28/2009

I tend to hang out with people’s pets a lot. Even more than I hang out with people.

When I’m at a friend’s house the pets, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, ferrets, are usually who I talk with first.

I really feel comfortable with animals.

Sometimes, even with good friends, I get a little socially anxious, even though I am not shy the way I once was, and I can be kind of blustery and obnoxious, I still get those feelings. So if someone has a pet it’s a good way to de-fuse that, when those thoughts or feelings come up, I can pat the dog, laugh at the cat, or make silly noises at the parrot.

And then I feel ok again. Just about all animals like me, dogs especially. That’s a good feeling.

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