not a morning person!

Posted by resonanteye on 11/11/2011

I have never been a morning person. whatever that is- I have always struggled to stay in bed.

I have trouble getting to sleep, you see. and so when morning comes I have trouble waking up, too.

But here I am, at 9:30 AM, reading and writing and setting up the drawing board.

I will be at the shop today from noon to nine, if anyone’s been trying to get some time, call the shop later on today.


2 Responses to “not a morning person!”

  1. Jim said

    Not a morning person either. But for some reason, if I do by chance wake up early, it’s rather enjoyable. Especially if it’s very early. Five or six or something like that. Feel like I got the whole day ahead of me, and that it will result in something productive or heroic. But then I end up sitting on my ass internetting all day…


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