roughing it

Posted by resonanteye on 02/14/2012


some landscape sketches.
I’m working the vancouver, wa convention this coming weekend, hope to see some of you there!
(yes, I do have a little tattoo time open.)

6 Responses to “roughing it”

  1. Jim said

    Ok, I replied to your comment on my blog. Please let me know if you got an email notification or not.

    Sucks about your phone. Mine’s been a piece of crap lately too. It’s two years old, and if I’m on the phone for more then twenty minutes, or try and use the internet, it loses all battery power and shuts off. Serious pain in the ass.


  2. hmmm…no I didn’t get any texts but my number is the same, my phone’s been a total bitch lately though…

    off to your blog now!!!


  3. Jim said

    These are cool! Even as sketches they are amazing and alive. And you know I love the one of the road!

    Hey I sent you another text, never heard back. Maybe you changed yer number or something. Also, did you see my blog about my walking trip? I was kinda surprised that ya didn’t comment or something about it. Go check it out, you’ll like it!


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