darth marth day.

Posted by resonanteye on 02/27/2012

darth vader tattoo darth vader tattoo in progressone finished, one in progress!

excuse the crappy photos,

I left my good camera at home, and had

to use the crappy phone camera.

3 Responses to “darth marth day.”

  1. Jim said

    Holy cow! These two come in together? Or just pure coincidence?


    • they are a couple!


      • Jim said

        Ok, yeah, that makes more sense haha. Can’t wait to see the finished product on the girl!

        p.s. Slowly but surely making progress on posting to WP in addition to Blogger. Just a little while ago I changed the name and URL on the WP and imported my Blogger posts. Still need to do some tweaks here and there and find a template I like. But it’s getting there none the less.


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