curation ideas, and old tattoos

Posted by resonanteye on 03/10/2012

owl tattooToday I am curating shadowboxes, thanks to my friend Deb (twistedpixelstudios). She gave me a series of remarkable ideas!!!


Here is an older piece of tattooing I did a while back, to tide you over until a few of these are ready for photos.

3 Responses to “curation ideas, and old tattoos”

  1. also deb, do you think I should move all my bones and skulls, along with this stuff, maybe, to my paperanji shop?

    and just keep paintings and 2d art at resonanteyes? I have been pondering that today.


  2. hurry hurry I wanna see!!!!


    • I’ve got some paper drying for the backdrop right now, and have picked out a little selection of items…looking up a few latin names too.

      I dug out my calligraphy stuff, I’m going to do like you were saying and ink the title and date on a wee label in the box, then write all the latin names on another sheet and attach that to the reverse!

      I’m actually kinda excited doing this, it’s fun!!! Thanks debbi, genius idea.


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