grey fox, antler, and roses

Posted by resonanteye on 03/18/2012

grey fox skullwhat I ended up working with today. I’ll post the sasquatch tomorrow- he isn’t done yet.

4 Responses to “grey fox, antler, and roses”

  1. they’re very aged already, and I gave them a little glycerin so they should stay this color. I’ve been playing around with plant materials lately, reading up on preservation and how to curate specimens properly- kind of interesting, like mad scientist stuff!

    so yeah they will stay pale peachy color!


    • Jim said

      Awesome! Sometime you’ll have to make a post on how to do that stuff, showing the process etc etc.


      • I’m gonne try to write up what I’m doing, when I go fern picking. I’m gonna make a shitload of preserved ferns for the etsy nature shop I am doing, and I think I’ll tell how I do it for those

        also I just quilled a shitload of little teardrop shapes to put in the background of this piece- all made out of strips I cut out of the paper I made this week. I made a huge pile of oaty-colored paper the one morning when I was sort of half-asleep. Quilling hurts your fingers after a while!


  2. Jim said

    The faded pink roses are PERFECT! Absolutely perfect shade for everything that’s going on in this pic. Will they stay that color or fade as time goes on?


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