I made a birdy friend.

Posted by resonanteye on 05/12/2012

I hung out a cheap, dollar-store hummingbird feeder yesterday.
My drawing table faces out of one of the big windows, so I figured I’d put the feeder hung there by a string tucked into the window. The feeder is right in front of me while I’m drawing, about a foot from me, on the other side of the glass. I kind of thought no bird would come to it- mainly because I am sitting right next to it cursing and breaking pencils- or at least it would take a while for a bird to find it.

I hung it up, and sat down to draw. Halfway through the first sketch a fast movement caught my eye- A BIRD HAD ALREADY ARRIVED. So tiny, it drank and then sat down. It looked at me a few times but seemed not to mind me.

This bird, and another like it, came to the feeder all day, off and on. About every half-hour they’d come back and guzzle then take off again. I got out my camera and got a few pictures of them.

And that is why I was distracted all day and only got half the drawing done I’d planned on.

One Response to “I made a birdy friend.”

  1. Jim said

    Oh wow! This is fantastic! Great shots, too!


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