my third eclipse.

Posted by resonanteye on 05/21/2012

9 Responses to “my third eclipse.”

  1. Denise said

    Can’t wait to show these to my kids tonight after school. They missed the eclipse, but now they can see it through your fab photos!


  2. The sun was still relatively high in Chicago when the eclipse happened, so everything was REALLY bright and none of my pictures turned out. Yours look cool!


  3. Yes, lucky you. WE (and yes, I am using the royal We) on the East Coast got nuttin. Beautiful pictures. I bet it was awesome.


  4. angela said

    awesome! i figured Seattle wouldn’t have visibility at all, so I didn’t even go outside..


  5. haha these are daytime shots! since I had the camera pointed directly at the sun I used a very high shutter speed, to get the sun detail- so it would show the crescent. these were taken during the day, of the eclipse.


  6. Ali said

    Oooh! Great photos. Night shots are very hard to accomplish.

    Also, your tattoo art is amazing! It’s really great to meet you, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!


  7. it was really hazy here, but I went out by the river so I could get some trees in the shot. SO AMAZING.


  8. Jim said

    OOH! You got some good ones! I got a bunch of crap, AND a fucking cloud went in front of it RIGHT at totality. Nice work!


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