the story of ricky o, and intestines as a weapon.

Posted by resonanteye on 05/30/2012

If the whole world isn’t a zombie movie, maybe it’s just a live production of the story of ricky o.

There’s been a lot of mayhem recently. And it seems to be moving west. People eating brains, ripping their own guts out and throwing them at cops, chopping each other to bits and growling after they get shot- the world has become a lot more insane (or, alternately, we’re just hearing more about it lately)

also, some updates about the cannibal face-eating nudist. here are some (not-gory) before photos of the victim.

Also, for rachel. The MKULTRA twin escapees who got bashed by cars and then got up to continue running from the cops. While screaming for someone to call the cops.

ALSO, bath salts schmath salts. In my day, we got dusted. (yes, dusted.)

2 Responses to “the story of ricky o, and intestines as a weapon.”

  1. Rachael U said

    I love you more and more every entry. :)


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