daily dose.

Posted by resonanteye on 06/18/2012

Thought I’d join in on a twitter thing I saw, and post my daily dose of medicines.

In the morning, I take the top row of pills, all of them, everyday.

That’s two 200mg seroquel, and two 40mg prozac capsules. And to the right, Chantix.
I take this as soon as I open my eyes. Sometimes (almost always) I stay in bed or maybe even go back to sleep for a bit; but it’s the first thing I do in the morning.

At night, I take one of the leftmost pills on the bottom row- I alternate them. One is lunesta, one is ambien, one is temazepam. I take a different one each night so they all keep working. And, along with that, I take my second chantix.

I’ve had insomnia as long as I can remember. The last year or so with these medicines, I have been able to fall asleep far easier and more consistently than ever before. Not that I don’t still sleep in, because I do. But at least I don’t stay up all night then sleep an hour or two- or sleep ALL day everyday.

Also, I’ve been smoking a pack a day every day for 28 years. I’ve gone through one pack in the last two days…so the chantix is helping. I still don’t know if it will work, if I will be able to quit completely, yet- but I am hopeful.

3 Responses to “daily dose.”

  1. I feel it’s working. I haven’t come up on my quit date yet, and I haven’t been TRYING to quit, but I have already cut my cigarette consumption in half. So yes, I think it’s working very well.

    thanks poppa jim! haha it totally does, huh?


  2. Jim said

    Cool subject and pic. It looks like one of the numerical symbols on the Predator’s wrist display when he tries to go all plasma-explosion on Arnie.


  3. jubrew said

    So you do feel the Chantix is working? Congrats on trying to cut down/quit, I know how hard it is. I smoked for 27 years, pack a day, only stopped when I was pregnant. A little over a year ago I was hospitalized with pnemonia and couldn’t smoke for over a week. By the time I got out I was over the worst of it, so I just haven’t smoked. It’s been really REALLY hard at times, but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself.


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