Alien Dad, and a lotus tattoo.

Posted by resonanteye on 09/01/2012

My friend Melissa came in today to get tattooed. We did a memorial piece for her Dad, who died recently, and was apparently an AWESOME guy, because he LOVED Aliens.

She sat like a champ- we joked and talked the whole time.

This is the cameo-alien-dad-memorial.

(I know her from an amazing website called regretsy, in case you were wondering. She’s one of my internet friends! This was the first tattoo I have done on my friends from that site, but I plan to work on a shitload of these guys on my trip!)


We talked a lot about movies too- she told me to watch a movie whose name I forget, but it was because we were talking about the movie “Parents” with Randy Quaid.

geiger tattoo horror movieAlso I am amassing a VHS tape bin for her- since she likes crappy horror movies as much as I do (and I want my collection to go to someone who will love it, since I am clearing space and paring back my things)






Then, right after that, I worked on my other friend Dottie, doing a Mom memorial tattoo. A tiny bit more classic, this one- a lotus with some swirls and text. The swirls are open and fade at the edges so that we can do more connecting flowers on her arm later.

She knew she wanted a floral piece, so we sat and talked about what flowers she likes, and then I asked her what her favorite colors are…blue, purple, and orange!

I need to get better photos of this. She had dry summer skin (Like I do!) and so it was still shiny in this photo.

SUPER fun, also!

4 Responses to “Alien Dad, and a lotus tattoo.”

  1. I have been getting a lot of emails and texts from people telling me how awesome my memorial tattoo is, and the question everybody seems to ask is, “Why did you choose the Alien from the Alien movies (starring Sigourney Weaver)?” There are two stories that gave me the idea for the tattoo. After my dad graduated from college, he decided to treat his mom (my grandma lol) to a movie! And what movie did he choose to take grandma to? Alien. He said it scared her so bad she vowed never to go to another movie with him ever again. Flash forward many years and Kim and I were around 5-6 years old. Dad decided to educate us on different genres of film, so he had us watch the Alien films, then Predator, The Terminator and Robocop. Ever since those movies remained dear in my heart, but Alien was the one that has stuck with me the most. He LOVED that movie. I had an image in my head of the tattoo, and it turned out bigger and better than I ever imagined. It is easily my favorite tattoo and a great tribute to a great man :) Oh, and for those wondering, he was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in March ’12, and he passed away from complications on July 27th, ’12. He was a fighter until the very end and truly was and is my hero :)


  2. aw it was so fun to meet you finally and work on you too! I’m gonna go watch that now, like a bedtime story! haha


  3. Melissa Stewart said

    So awesome!! The movie is called Mum and Dad and it’s AMAZING. However, I must say this: YOU ARE EVEN MORE AMAZING!!! I absolutely love my memorial tat.You went above and beyond I am so so grateful and happy!!! Thank you so much!

    Love, Melissa


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