something else I made today- and a quick up for PV using instead of smoking.

Posted by resonanteye on 03/26/2013

I haven’t smoked in two days, and I’ve smoked a single pack of cigarettes in the past week. I finally got good gear for PV/ecig use, so I haven’t felt the urge to smoke.

I can also see this becoming an all-consuming side hobby for me. I made these little desk-props for my pvs today out of polyclay. I plan to paint them (one’s a dick, one’s tits, and one is an eye)…maybe I’ll make a few more too, that are a little more interesting or fleshed-out.

PV e-cig desk prop or holders

9 Responses to “something else I made today- and a quick up for PV using instead of smoking.”

  1. fuck that shit Jim, it’s not a matter of proving how manly you are, it’s about NOT SMOKING.
    who cares if you get there by sucking up vanilla-flavored pussy juice all day or not?


    • Jim said

      It’s not at all about proving anything to anybody but myself. Besides, you should know that I have absolutely no issues at all with sucking pussy juice :)


      • then there ya go!

        dude. quitting in any manner is enough proof to myself of anything.
        let me know what you pick out, I may be able to let you know what worked for me, or link you to people who can walk ya through it even better


      • Jim said

        I most definitely will. Appreciate it! Do you still have the same number, by the way? I wanted to text you a picture of something, but never heard back from you (I think you may have been incognito inSpokanito or something).


  2. Jim said

    I tried the Blu ecigs a few weeks back. Couldn’t really get into it. Kept coughing really bad when I inhaled. Also, one of the batter packs simply would not charge, so I went to exchange the kit, but they were out, so I had to settle for getting my money back. I’ll give it another go when I have some cash freed up again.


    • don’t even bother with the Blu brand, or any of the cheaper gas-station brands. they’re meant to fall apart fast and they won’t satisfy a heavy smoker like you or me…
      I have a tank similar to this:
      and I’m using two different batteries…the basic one is this:
      and that same shop has chargers.

      Then, make sure you get high nicotine liquid. the Blu comes with 18mg liquid- about like smoking an ultralight…if you’re a longtime smoker it will just make you crave more…and the tanks they come with have lots of PG additive, which makes you cough a ton. Try high-VG liquids, this place has good cheap ones:

      just pick higher % of VG when you are choosing the options for a flavor. and high nicotine content too.

      VG makes lots of vapor, which helps because it really looks and feels like smoking. PG can make you really dehydrated, and it makes me less satisfied if there’s more of it in the juices.
      I’d highly suggest you try getting just a simple flavor from them- right now I’m using plain sweet cream flavor juice from them. The stuff is cheap for the small bottles, less than a pack of smokes for a bottle- so try a couple really varied flavors; not even tobacco flavors but other stuff you like.

      I know you smoke as much as I did. So spending sixty or seventy bucks on all this…that’s like ten days’ of smoking…totally worth it. the shit you get to start up right will last about two months, if you get the right things. a blu ill just frustrate you, it won’t even begin to help you quit.

      I didn’t even intend to quit when I got these, but I haven’t smoked in three days now, and I haven’t even really thought about it. which as you know is FUCKING CRAZY TALK.


      • oh and no matter which things you try, drink a fuckton of water. the vapor dries out your system fucking fast. I hate water, it tastes like mouth. so I have been drinking tons of sweet tea instead.


      • Jim said

        Thanks for the tips! I think that ultimately, I just need to not be a little bitch and put my man pants on and just quit, straight up. We’ll see how it goes.


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