logo and image work.

Posted by resonanteye on 05/02/2013

EPSON MFP imageI did this logo a little while ago for my friend’s natural ointment company.

You can find their products here, they’re pretty damned good stuff, too. I’m working on another logo for one of her ointments, I’ll post that soon.

I also worked on a painting commission today but it’s still wet. NO PHOTOS FOR YOU!

After I finished up my session with that, I did some processing on images I took for an e-cig companies’ website; they are going to use some for their product listings.

I sometimes barter if people have something I’d have spent money on anyway, and this little commission was great for that. I have been on a nic-juice tasting frenzy and could really use a few bottles I can just use all the time, instead of tasting a million things…I’m hoping after I go through more of their flavors I’ll find one, and be able to use my barter points on it…

Their site is here, but they don’t have flavors listed yet, and the pictures (whichever they may use) aren’t posted there. Here’s two or three of those, too.


Otherwise I did nothing today. Ate, worked, and slept late. I have a looooong day tomorrow, and should have a good crop of things to show you then!

One Response to “logo and image work.”

  1. Jim said

    I love the photos!


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