humming along. also, a contest!

Posted by resonanteye on 11/11/2013

Octopus-AnjiMarth-pencilI’ve been working on these animals for quite a while now!

they’re listed here as handpainted prints.

I am doing a giveaway/contest on tumblr, with this post:

If you reblog it on tumblr you have a chance to win three prints PLUS  another print, of an animal YOU CHOOSE for me to draw. You have to be on tumblr to enter! Contest ends when post reaches 1,000 notes  and winner will be chosen at random from the people who reblogged it.

I’ve got three or four new animals getting added later this week too, which is why I’m doing this now. I will repost this to tumblr every day(but not here), to remind you. If you’re not following me there, go ahead and follow now! I promise, you’ll enjoy it. And I plan to do a contest here, as well as reddit, later this month.

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