SYTYN zine, 1993

Posted by resonanteye on 11/19/2013

When I was much younger I put together about ten issues of a zine.

This was in the early 90s, when such things were able to be picked up at bookstores, record stores, and the like.

I loved zines, loved them so much.

I built this with the assistance of my good friend and roommate Jen, she wrote a lot of stuff and drew things.

It’s amazing to look back and see how much and also how little my politics and deeper feelings have changed over the years.

more after the jump…

several issues, in their entirety, just as they were printed back in the day.

I wish I had all of these, most got destroyed, and only the valiant hoarding of Jen has made even these available. I’ll post the first issue now, and the second and third later. I warn you that all was done with an exacto, an old typewriter, an ink pen, and rubber cement.

Also, the first issue was the worst issue.

issue one:

originally Published on: Dec 16, 2011

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