some trees I have made, tattoos and the like.

Posted by resonanteye on 11/30/2013

I love trees. I usually will do a tree commission painting at any time, even if I’m turning down other commissions. They’re just TOO fun. If you want a tree painting, email me.

Most of the tattoo trees I do are drawn on the skin, in marker, right before being tattooed. That way the person getting the tattoo can control the size and scale better, and I get a better feeling for the flow the tree needs to have to fit on three dimensions. I go outside and look at trees. That’s what I use for reference-I take a lot of photographs of trees as well. I love drawing them.

I used to climb trees all the time. Actually I still do when I see a decent climbing tree. Climbing a tree was always a way for me to get some time alone in a house full of extroverts- a way to escape.

I learned a lot about what each tree was like. They not only have a personality because of their species, but individually too.

Willows are always friendly and mellow, but can be risky to climb- they like to slip their bark once you’re high enough to get hurt by falling. Oaks are big and old and kindly, but their twigs are crackled and dry. Birches are my favorite trees- spry, springy, and easy to take a nap in.

(Originally Published on: Oct 20, 2011)


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tree tattoo wip

11 Responses to “some trees I have made, tattoos and the like.”

  1. Jamie said

    my all time favorite tree tattoo was one you did in 97-99 HST era on a woman back of her neck going into her hair.


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  4. Mary said

    YAY! My back piece made the list! I love my tree. Keep saying it…. need to get it finished, but need to get the monies lined up. Maybe after Christmas……


  5. yes, yes it is!!! haha


  6. lorri789 said

    Nice stuff Res!

    I like the first tree. Is that a “testes tree” (pic no 10)?


  7. thanks!

    yeah that was up on the tattoo page on wikipedia for a long while. So it tends to show up in google image search.

    I figure any artist worth their salt will use anything they are brought as a jumping-off point, anyway.

    and thanks!


  8. justteejay said

    You need to start watermarking your photos! The first one has been brought to me several times for reference and I had no idea it was yours.
    Very nice work.


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