all sweetness and light.

Posted by resonanteye on 12/09/2013

just another negative asshole on the internet

just another negative asshole on the internet

I was reading someone’s site earlier, an artist someone pointed me to for ‘ideas about selling more art’.  The artist makes good stuff, illustrative art made from collage, very design-y, very positive and girly. It’s good art. Their art is on all kinds of stuff.

So I started reading their posts, and reading through their archives, and looking at the stuff they’re doing. And holy hell, talk about happy positivity and sugar smiles. Not a single negative thought, or statement. Not a droplet of anger, or unhappiness. I mean this girl is sweet as pie. Her life is made of rainbows and cupcakes. She’s never posted about being poor, or being sick, or being lonely. Not once. She’s pretty, she’s only a bit younger than me, she’s always encouraging, she has not a single personality flaw. And she’s nice about it too. She has her stuff licensed for home decor things, and has other companies wholesaling it or retailing it, and sells only originals here and there if the whim comes.

Listen, you guys. I see people like this, and I start to feel so shitty on myself. Like- I watch horror movies, and I curse, and I get negative. I’m often poor and sometimes sick and always a little off-kilter. I have done things wrong in my life and will likely continue to be fucked up in new and surprising ways on a regular basis. Sometimes I get in arguments, or drunk, or say things that are crass or offensive. I’m extremely imperfect and not always a good person.

And so, if I am not sweetness and light, how the fuck can I ever succeed? Success seems to require this…this peachy keen persona, this happy-up vibe and I just cannot do it, can’t fake it. Even if I could there’s decades of evidence for all my failures and bad behaviors! I mean…I don’t even know how one lives without troubles and fuckups and bad times. I couldn’t even write this post without cursing. I don’t even know if that can be real. But apparently it is real, and there are people like that, and they make GOBS of money on their works, without even doing much actual work. 
28308_1344575736648_1298901221_30981550_4061441_nCupcakes-and-sunshine people discourage me. I don’t know what to do now. This should be an inspiring post, but the more I read there the more I realized I will NEVER have that kind of following, that kind of draw. I’ll NEVER be a nice happy positive person that nice old ladies want to chat about at some frilly gift shop, it will just NOT happen. There are no major contracts for wholesaling in my future, there will be no fluffy bunny pillows at your local department store with my name on them, you can exit through the gift shop but my work isn’t for sale there.

I can try as hard as I want, encourage others to try, but in the long run, I’m still a negative asshole, and I still get depressed, go broke, have toothaches, and offend people. I love what I do but I also love to read true crime, look at gross and gory pictures, watch shitty horror movies and make fun of stuff. Do we have to be perfect to succeed? Do we have to grovel?

This life, how do people live it?

So then I go look elsewhere for something else to read. I hit on an article talking about Van Gogh and how great it is that his work has so much recognition, how high the prices are at auction. Man, he’s dead. He died broke and miserable.  And wasn’t some of his work “cultural appropriation”? All those japanese masks and flowers… also, dude was negative, unhappy, self-destructive, and all the rest.

Since reading and thinking about art didn’t cheer me up any, I’m going to watch Body Bags- and maybe a couple other shitty horror movies- and snuggle the dog.

7 Responses to “all sweetness and light.”

  1. Jim said

    (you’re gonna hate what I have to say. You’re gonna hate it because a) it’s true and b)I know exactly what you’re talking about in this entire post, and I completely identify with everything you said, and we’re a lot a like with mood/depression/anger/self loathing etc etc that if someone were to say to me what I’m about to say to you I’d tell them to go kill themselves and fucking die Die DIE!)

    Seems to me that this person is probably “successful” because they are honest to themselves about who they are, what kind of work they like to do, and the kind of art they like to make. You are a genuinely fucked up person in the head and heart and your work reflects that. I would much rather, a thousand million times over, experience all of your work FROM YOU than from some dickbag PRETENDING to be all angst and furious with the world. We’ve all seen people that try this fake anger/hatred bullshit (HELLO! the 90’s? Nirvana fans?) and we’re not suckers and we can see right through that crap, and how anything they do, be it art, conversation, sex, or whatever is complete plastic bullshit. I know it’s totally cliche’, but it’s true and from time to time we all need to be reminded….. be true to yourself and be true to your work. If you haven’t had fucked up experiences, haven’t suffered from depression and insomnia, haven’t been heartbroken, alone, angry, felt ugly, poor, starved, crapped your pants and blah blah blah, then NONE of your work would mean JACK FUCKING SHIT!

    Now, I know a lot of your frustration with all of this is that this other person is making money doing what she loves, or, more to the point, you’re still a broke ass bitch. So, my advice to you then, is to not listen to a damn word of advice from me about how to make money, because I’m a broke ass bitch :)


  2. lennygrey said

    Yeah but if she’s had a nice easy life then sure as fuck she’s not the poster girl for us.


  3. lennygrey said

    Fuck yeah. People think they can buy happiness.

    Being mad myself, I like to find people who have a sharper edged art. I don’t want all of my friends to agree all the time. I want them all to be different.

    If you were to turn cupcakey it’d be a waste of your talents.

    Can you imagine how many of the glittery cupcakes must be faking it already? ugh.


    • That was what made this so discouraging- she seems not to be faking, not to be putting up any false front. She’s just genuinely a nice, happy person, who has had a fairly easy life and makes stuff that’s nice to look at.

      I like sharper stuff too, but man…we’re in a small niche with that I think.


    • lennygrey said

      Marketing girly stuff in a cupcakey way is terrible for most women also.


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