“Heiliges Rochus”, canid skull mount with quilling, wings, and gilded frame

Posted by resonanteye on 12/09/2013

grey fox skull with wings
Originally Published on: Mar 19, 2012

St. Roch is the patron saint of dogs.

He is also a preventer of the plague.

he remained behind during the plague to treat people; he himself became ill. he went into the forest to die, but a dog (who is not named in any story) brought him bread and licked his wounds, saving him.

This is made from a grey fox skull, sea urchins, rockdove wings, and quilling done with paper I made myself. the tattered roses are preserved in glycerin and poly so they will stay just as they are. All mounted in a gilded frame.
I’ve got another quilling project in the works, I’ll post some progress shots this week.

quilling and skullquilling with fox skull and wings

6 Responses to ““Heiliges Rochus”, canid skull mount with quilling, wings, and gilded frame”

  1. thanks!

    oh cow skulls are great to work with. that flat area on top gives plenty of room for imagination


  2. Amazing work! What an interesting project.


  3. I’m about to do a series on painted cow skulls, this inspires me so.


  4. when you make that much little quilled paper you definitely have time to think hard about what you’re doing and how to finish the piece.

    This skull was awesome. It had a very happy kind of vibe to it. Not at all dark. i had to use it in something fancy, and light. I think it worked out!

    I did a tiny bit of white filigree on the skull that I can’t seem to capture in the photos, though.


  5. swingnutt said

    I knew it was thoughtful….this piece oozes with thoughtfulness!


  6. Jim said



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