ACEO and mini paintings.

Posted by resonanteye on 12/10/2013

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about working so small. I do like the idea of people without a lot of spare cash being able to own my art, though. So with a little nudge from some friends, I decided to paint a few.

I had done a few mini deer paintings before. I’m thinking of doing more- does anyone collect tiny art? What sizes do you like? I don’t even know how much to price things at, that are this small.

Do you paint mini-size, or ACEOs? What’s been your experience with them? I find it really hard, because for things like this I usually use a round nib on an ink-dip pen, and had to use such a tiny nib- also I am accustomed to doing BIG soft washes, so switching down to tiny-brush-size felt a bit odd too.

I suppose I will wait and see how much people want them too, before I make up my mind!

Let me know in the comments, if you have any thoughts about small media. I have a few more tiny frames for new ones.

3 Responses to “ACEO and mini paintings.”

  1. lennygrey said

    I love the little frames, it would be interesting to see how tiny you could go. The idea of a locket appeals. Finding out what sort of complexity is possible. It appeals to have the fancy frames with something gritty and real versus the opulence, or an animal that deserves to be shown off.


  2. Jim said

    WOW these are really awesome, Anji! And the frames are really cool. Where did you find them? These would be great as a locket type of thing if you could do work that small.


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