Posted by resonanteye on 01/24/2014

You guys have spoken loud and clear. 

You like my prints on redbubble (Personally, I agree) 66.67% of you
And a few of you like fineartamerica. 13.33%
The rest said, Other…

You like my originals to be sold here, with a paypal button. 87% of you!
7% said other, 6% said email only.

So, starting over the next month, I will be transitioning my print sales exclusively to redbubble (with only still life and landscapes being available at FAA as well) and adding paypal buttons to all my originals here on the site.
This is going to be a massive pain in the ass, and I have my horror coloring book to work on as well- so it may take me some time. Please be patient with the transition, and buy stuff in the meantime! Email me if you’re not sure where something went, or if there’s a specific piece you are after, for now. And thank you for telling me what you thought!


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