fun times, tattoos, art from the recent trip~seattle, salem, olympia

Posted by resonanteye on 05/21/2014

Things I’ve made since my last update!

Also, the book is printing now…yay!

and, there are kittens here.

All in all a busy few weeks.


1797414_10152146516507712_7335493479099588499_n 1969170_10152114175587712_4220816531629725101_n 10247422_10152138566797712_3168071167009186526_n 10274042_10152118473942712_3352729164514405899_n 10308138_10152132749687712_2439414602449817480_n 10247314_10152121343177712_3576919497974266341_n 10246792_10152121342252712_2583316773110203566_n 10298797_10152146516632712_3297475692704279852_n 11940_10152148651937712_4712563763924683983_n 10338740_10152158974692712_5275983545088061515_n 10325793_10152155173222712_2215802109150852167_n 71439_10152153928017712_4303812766076309739_n 10247461_10152140172612712_5075057689239818964_n 10169358_10152163105592712_2377043535273521096_n 1012582_10152152021682712_2130504347587537717_n 1908012_10152140345907712_7990401763807153556_n 10174864_10202557477471873_2387236278479974419_n 1907984_633190356757895_8589776425680380218_n 10339619_10152465200043338_7623279912376934405_n

2 Responses to “fun times, tattoos, art from the recent trip~seattle, salem, olympia”

  1. Jim said

    Awesome! Did you get to hang out with Cain?


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