older works on offer, newer works on shirts!

Posted by resonanteye on 06/22/2014

Figured I would look in my big bin of originals and post the ones I am willing to take an offer on. I also made a few more shirts, and spent some time in my garden! I had some medical stuff done this past week so I’m a little sore and crabby, but otherwise things are going well. I’ve been working on making a flower painting a day in my moleskin, all little watercolor paintings. Once I get enough of those I’ll make a post just of that…

To make me an offer on any of these, email me at resonanteye at gmail.com.

Here’s originals I’m willing to take offers on, and after that some smaller images of the new shirts.

EPSON MFP image mating snakes original art
elephant art, totem, spirit animalpurple lotus art




and some new shirts again…


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