Posted by resonanteye on 07/06/2014

10354092_10152260725527712_8901077227845494865_nBased on some Tibetan gore art I looked over recently.brains

All watercolor, brush and ink. 22×30″ on 300# kilimanjaro coldpress.

Yeah it’s warped (drying) in these images.

not for sale, made as a gift for a friend.

might make prints before I give it away, I haven’t decided yet.


click through for more process shots and a full view of the finished piece.




. 10527658_10152258353297712_4745168007757452547_n10489769_10152258372292712_3040035595003561865_n 10494708_10152258429107712_9009453613519304604_n 10514723_10152258837522712_5203521516446164895_n 10534655_10152258486377712_5077645384406570479_n10423716_10152258836417712_3996425897955532147_n (1) 10462828_10152260404937712_5898963503300002823_n 10502148_10152260620332712_9195662429975239263_n10453441_10152260621017712_7865240361677632535_n10382385_10152260642827712_5343389519225251395_o10527399_10152260619972712_4024035073209703308_n10524671_10152260726587712_2746389663941478102_n 10487484_10152260725472712_3778653411683689270_n

One Response to “brainpan”

  1. mxlennygrey said

    Awesome, I love it!


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