the horror movie list.

Posted by resonanteye on 10/03/2014

halloween tattoomy list of favorites… (new additions at the end)

the woman – domestic violence, rape, and revenge horror

possession (the one from the 80s) – monsters, divorces, and doppelgangers

altered – aliens and a hermit guy, innawoods

resolution – drug addiction, atmosphere, original premise, creepy spying, innawoods

slither – aliens, bad relationships, marriage, monsters

relic – bad science, monsters, sexy beasts

the seasoning house – brutality, warfare, rape, oppression, and revenge

from beyond – science, monsters, villianous experimentations

pontypool – language, viral plagues, zombies of a sort, bad day at the office

the grey – animal attacks, betrayal, isolation, survival horror, innawoods

the thing (80s) – brilliant. isolation, distrust, betrayal, aliens.

return of the living dead (any of the first three) – zombies that can speak.

dead end – dark humor, great acting, excellent dialogue, ghosts, innawoods

teeth – abstinence-only sex ed, incest, revenge.

trick r treat – werewolves, murderers, ghosts, pumpkins.

pieces – slasher film with lots of suspense moments.

pioughkeepsie tapes (if you’re a fan of true crime documentaries, you’ll love it)

s&man – mockumentary, self-referential to the horror genre and “extreme” video.

V/H/S – anthology film, harpies, ghosts, video nasties.

abcs of death – anthology, some artsy, some feminist, some violence, zombies.

the masters of horror series. varies

memories of a murder – serial killers, korean horror.

audition – best bad guy ever, gory

funny games – self-aware horror that breaks fourth wall
cabin in the woods – same

the pact – murders, ghosts, incest, abuse.

the host – monsters, claustrophobia

the frighteners – ghosts, bad cgi, JEFFREY COMBS’s BODY IS AN INSTRUMENT OF PAIN

the road (not the one with viggo in it. the foreign one)- ghost road

the shrine – demons, religions, eastern european fear

severance – killers, history, warfare, strife, business, bad days at the office, innawoods

andromeda strain – viral plagues, government fuckups

the mist – monsters, religious nuttery, perfect ending

the shining – domestic abuse, ghosts, evil places, creepy kids

the descent – claustrophobia, monsters, betrayal, great characters/acting, innawoods

anamorph – crime thriller, dark arts, murder

the stuff – consumerism, monsters, plagues, cassandra complexes, industrial espionage

troll – (NOT TROLL 2!) – naked julia louis-dreyfus, sonny bono, monsters, fairy badness, creepy kids

nightwatch – fate, monsters, secret worlds, russian behavior

primal – aussie mayhem, monsters, claustrophobia, isolation, innawoods horror

dogtooth – incest, abuse, control issues, isolation

barton fink – isolation, art horror, serial killers, mayhem, the life of the mind

call of cthulu – silent horror, monsters, elder gods, madness

dead man – existential horror, art horror, isolation, innawoods, ghosts

ravenous – cannibals, innawoods, isolation

american werewolf in london – monsters.

dog soldiers – monsters, betrayal, war games

may – social anxiety, medical weirdness, frankensteining

they live – a documentary

the changeling – possessed wheelchair, kid ghosts, perfect soundtrack

contracted – sexual repression, rape, body horror, gay rights being impeded



cropsey, dark days, the dust bowl (ken burns), tell me and I will forget, kinjongilia, reel injun, titicut follies, just melvin just evil, child of rage, a place for pedophiles, children underground, this entire series

3 Responses to “the horror movie list.”

  1. […] If you’d like to see a big list of horror movies I enjoyed and recommend, you can look here: . Each movie is listed along with content and plot themes (in case you have triggers or are […]


  2. Jim said

    The Shining is one of my favorite horror movies, if not my absolute favorite. We’ve talked about this one before I think. I normally don’t really care for the horror genre, because film makers typically end up relying on the “boo” factor. The Shining never did that. It was just fucking creepy and eerie. And as you mentioned, the portrayal of domestic abuse was spot on. Probably one of the most horrifying ways to grow up.

    Ravenous was SPECTACULAR!

    A couple other horror films I like:
    Lost Highway; maybe it’s more of a “thriller”, but that was some seriously fucking creepy shit with the video tape footage from inside the house. And Robert Blake’s performance was amazing! Terrifying by simply being the creepiest motherfucker to ever walk on the Earth (oh, and then he killed his wife in real life).

    Nosferatu; You just can’t duplicate the look and feel of authentic grainy film from the silent era. But mostly, the Nosferatu creature has got to be one of the scariest, creepiest looking monsters of all time. A figure, to me, that personifies the most elemental fears that could only come from the nightmares of small children or cavemen dreaming about unknown predators. That monster is still one of the scariest looking creatures to grace motion picture. I’ll take him any day over the mass produced and highly polished cgi puke of today’s films.

    And just for fun, They Live. This is the perfect training video to show people why I don’t like republicans, and why I think all the music and tv that most people watch is complete fucking bullshit. Every time I’m playing my music at work or whatever, people start acting like the poor chumps in this film, whining as if they’re getting a horrible headache because the signals from Jiffy Lube and Bud Light and mortgage finance commercials have been severed. Oh shit, I better stop before I go on another rant again :)


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