drilled sandstone, featherweights, and magic crystals

Posted by resonanteye on 11/07/2014

il_570xN.678143942_pm2fAnd I have started pulling out the stones I’ve collected and drilled, the feather batch, and the bones and such that I’ve been amassing over the last few years. So the next sets of these will be a bit more extravagant…

These are made from sawa wood coils as a base, with wooden beads, hemp threadwrapping, bamboo, seeds, nontoxic chalk, and sandstone pieces I found on the Alsea River. The stones look heavy, but in fact they’re very light.

These are lighter than some of the more simple, plainly-beaded pairs I have made.


You should be at least 00 gauge to wear them. These are wood coils, not made to use in unhealed piercings or ears that you are stretching. Weights are for healed, settled holes!

The images below are of two sets; one is a featherweight (literally) made of bamboo, bone pipe beads, seeds, and feathers set on sawa coils. They’re as light as air, but they have a lot of movement. You should be 7/16″ to wear them.

The other set are magical. Ammonites, quartz crystal points wrapped in stained copper wire, rattlesnake vertebrae, glass beads and wooden beads. Those are 4 gauge, so you should be at least at that size (or larger). They’re nice and long, and a bit on the heavy side. Guaranteed to make rattlesnakes like you, and to keep lightning at bay.


il_570xN.678145670_gv7cil_570xN.673735842_m3ds (1)

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