weird ways people have found this site, and their quick questions.

Posted by resonanteye on 12/22/2014

2008, work gear.

2008, work gear.

It’s time for the yearly list of weird searches that have brought people here, and questions that I can answer in a few words.
I can see search terms that people have used to find my site so every year I trawl through them and find the ones that make me giggle- or the ones that are simple questions I can answer. This year was a good year for this.

  • navel stab
    why? I seriously have no idea when or how this would lead anyone to this site.
  • clay mole
    oooooh yeah. I made a pile of clay naked mole rats for some friends, and posted about it!
  • cheapest tattoo needles
    get the fuck out of my shop.
  • is it a good idea to get a large tattoo on your arm?
  • 100$ tat
    at 150 an hour, that’d be a small one. And those are totally ok.
  • did carl panzram have tattoos
    yes, according to his arrest records, he had many tattoos, including several saying things like “liberty” and “equality
  • what’s the meaning for a “party dot” tattoo
    I say “party dot” a lot, I guess. (it means a tiny tattoo that can be done in less than a minute, often gotten with a bunch of friends also getting the same or similar things done)
  • hot female tattoo artist
    why thank you kind stranger.
  • 1488 tattoo
  • deep stick position
    what does this even mean? I don’t write about pegging here.
  • tattoo pitcher
    I’m not sure why, but I like the sound of this one.
  • beaver with assault rifle tattoo
    If someone out there has actually done this tattoo, please get a hold of me, because I would love to see photos of it.
  • how person witch with ilomba loke like
    I humbly suggest you buy my book to find out.
  • what to do if you tattoo artist doesnt want to do what you want
    I’m sorry, but not all of us enjoy skydiving on a first date.
  • monsters hot revenge rape
    I have no idea where the fuck this came from, but I’m ok with the idea that it led someone here.
  • ogrish
    Why hello old friends!
  • what kind of things can you do in a tattoo shop
    Try this.
  • images of tattoo on dick
    Never posted any here, never will. But thanks for playing!
  • free tattoo name letteringdrawings
    tell you what- paypal me a buck a letter, and I will write a name in script, and send you a scan of it. no returns, no changes, no alterations. take that lettering to your actual tattoo artist and they’ll fix those things for free when they tattoo you.


2 Responses to “weird ways people have found this site, and their quick questions.”

  1. Jim said

    What is a “1488 tattoo”, and can I be proud for my ignorance on the subject?


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