How to choose a tattoo design when you’re completely clueless

Posted by resonanteye on 01/15/2015

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10403044_10152164843797712_1077486435763939552_nIt can be hard to commit to one image that will be permanent. Some people just have too many ideas! Here are some ways you can decide what to get tattooed…Subject, style, and placement.

  • Find an image or subject that you like. If you don’t have any very specific ideas or you can’t find something you want to commit to permanently, abstract art is always an option. Simple, flowing shapes work very well on the human form, hence the popularity of “tribal” tattoos. You can even be as vague as wanting a shape, or a curve tattooed on you. “Abstract” means just that- there is no subject matter, and the meaning is obscured. This is a good choice if you’re indecisive or change your opinions from time to time.
  • Placement is important. Do you want to be able to see your tattoo? Then get it on the front half of…

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