Rebuilding and consolidating!

Posted by resonanteye on 04/16/2015

I know the site has been fallow for a bit, but give it a minute. I’m rebuilding and consolidating a ton of things behind the scenes, and some major awesome is in the works.

Have a few photos to keep you smiling in the meantime!

39482_416954688370_365956_n 35213_409477423370_7120875_n 601633_4499096724245_148501044_n 11109165_10203841287576792_7902182444300982098_n 10348177_10152755130192712_3102956685868192417_n 11062324_10152855620567712_673752990799286419_n 11150246_10152860622782712_8591715270535745809_n 11143703_10152860853702712_1416222166807537531_n 11141155_10152862513217712_261121714852815661_n 11156413_10152862757707712_425684986403592458_n 11109157_10152862939627712_3170231618587306458_n 13788_10152862995157712_2182567057234936479_n 20626_10152864970712712_8960436855231685696_n 10983866_10152851012247712_309263471299939297_n full (9)

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