schedule updates fall 2015

Posted by resonanteye on 08/24/2015

In the permanent collection of the Museum of Unfine Art, Eugene, Oregon


Seattle, Art Show at True Love Gallery on Capitol Hill. The art will be up until November!

Eugene, Oregon- Art Show at Cowfish Club, on Broadway. This art will be up until November!

Eugene, Oregon, at High Priestess downtown- oct 3-8

Portland Tattoo Expo, October 9-11

Arizona, at Club Tattoo Scottsdale, October 15-23

Seattle, at Laughing Buddha, in November.

To schedule time in Seattle, please contact the shop:
Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing,

To schedule time at the convention, in Arizona, or in Eugene, email me directly at


I’m not taking art commission requests at this time, but you can still find originals at this facebook link, and prints at this link.

I’ve previously shown solo shows at:  Unfine art museum, Oak street speakeasy, The Horsehead, and Jameson’s in Eugene; Diva, True Love Gallery and Slave to the Needle in Seattle, Heaven Sent and Lux Gallery in California, and sundry other cafes, bars, group shows, and odd venues.

il_570xN.403944829_4w3rI’ve been published and featured in Tattoo Magazine, Skin and Ink, International Tattoo Magazine, Tattooweide (Germany), Tattoo Flash, and have been featured in or interviewed for the Stranger, Eugene Weekly, , and have been featured in books including Electric Tattooing by Women, and Ladies in Ink. I have six books currently in print, one poetry, one tattoo and art-related, three mandala and geometry coloring books, and one horror coloring book for adults. 

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Portland Tattoo Expo!

Posted by resonanteye on 10/10/2015

yjtharenshechvjhbk fvghu fbhadhDSC_0318
ghghi DSC_0315 DSC_0311 DSC_0300 DSC_0299

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Posted by resonanteye on 10/10/2015

adult rainbow unicorn

sold out


I’m teaching a seminar on Sunday at the portlandtattooexpo, it’s all about using the internet to sell your art. a lot of this info works for tattooing as well; all you guys offering deals and posting about cancelations and empty chairs? this seminar is for YOU.

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another few days at high priestess in eugene!

Posted by resonanteye on 10/07/2015

DSC_0271DSC_0268 DSC_0275 DSC_0267DSC_0277

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High Priestess downtown days!

Posted by resonanteye on 10/05/2015

I get so homesick. It’s been a great few days so far and there’s a few more on the way though!

DSC_0248 DSC_0260 DSC_0252 DSC_0251DSC_0263 12119102_10153235474772712_319212714101373777_n

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art show at the Cowfish in Eugene!

Posted by resonanteye on 10/03/2015

DSC_0232I could say so much more about today and tonight if I wasn’t so tired!

Spent the day stretching nine foot by six foot canvasses with the help of the wonderful Deb, then hung everything with the help of the magical Shawn, then lots of my favorite people showed up to check it all out… I’m just going to post photos of the process and the day and night. This show is hanging at Cowfish until the end of October, if you are in the neighborhood feel free to drop in and stand next to the gigantic bear.

deb's math

deb’s math


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Three projects at a time

Posted by resonanteye on 09/24/2015


black-eyed kids

I’m back east in Spokane for a few weeks. In the time I’m here, I have to:

I leave October 1st and I won’t get home until the 26. It’s going to be a long trip full of events and work!

Here are some photos- small images from the new book. A picture or two of the seminar prep work (kinda boring to look at but the seminar itself will be out of this goddamn world, you should go preregister for it, because it’ll cost a little more if you just show up on the day)- and pictures of the lifesized predators.

Now, I had some of this work done from before- the seminar text I had written already, but not the slideshow or the handouts. I had the illustrations sketched, but in pencil and messy, not inked or scanned. I had copious notes for the book text but nothing completed or proofread. I had the shark nearly finished and the grolar bear and wolf sketched out as underpaintings. But everything else? I’ve had to work every day I’ve been home, sometimes pulling ten hour days on these projects. Not to mention I have another show going on all this month at a gallery in Seattle! I spent last month’s days off prepping for that.

Once I leave, I have no days off until halfway through the month. And then I will spend those days driving.

It’s going to be a long and rough road until November, but I think I can do it all. Then I can relax for two weeks. Then I’ll be in Seattle at the shop there for two weeks…and then I will not be working in December. Like, at all. Maybe on personal little things but NO big projects like this. It’ll be a nice break and I think my brain will need it by then.

Hope to see you guys at one of my stops on this trip!
(I’m totally booked for the trip for tattoos- except for one day in Redding, and one day in Phoenix. If nobody wants in I’m gonna take those days off, though. !!!)

jersey devil

jersey devil



IMG_20150916_224026 IMG_20150917_220558 IMG_20150917_220624

a short break

a short break

seminar stuf

seminar stuff

running on fumes?

running on fumes?


IMG_20150922_174021 IMG_20150924_124622






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Seminar at Portland Tattoo Expo, sunday Oct 11!

Posted by resonanteye on 09/19/2015

EPSON MFP imageI’ll be teaching a seminar at the PDX expo in October!

Click through here for more info and to sign up. Bring notepad, pen/pencil, phone or tablet, and questions when you show up for the class. Counts for two hours of continuing education!

Leveraging Social Media to Sell Art Online, for Tattooers

Learn to use social media properly — without compromising your copyright. We’ll cover print-on-demand services, pros and cons of social media use, networking as a strategy to find collectors, consolidating your media management, and getting more reach with your work online.

This class relates to the sale of secondary mediums beyond tattooing, and will go over the relationship between your existing client base and the collectors who will buy your work on paper rather than skin.

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geometric tattooing, discussion question and thoughts.

Posted by resonanteye on 09/17/2015

let’s discuss.

Geometric tattoos and “mandalas”, while they’re in resurgence in every part of the globe right now among modern tattooers, are a very old way of marking the body.
Given new technologies, they’re different than traditional geometric work, but do they follow that same tradition? Is this really a trend within tattooing, or has it been there since the beginning? Do you think we will see more of this in the years to come, or will it peter out (like westernized tribal work has petered out a bit)?

These geometric designs aren’t limited to one region, race, or culture- from the far north of europe and the arctic circle all the way around the globe, equatorial and islands, jungles and deserts- straight down to the southern tips of Africa and the Americas, these sort of designs are found everywhere. Most modern interpretations draw on multiple sources, new and old, and don’t snag directly from any one tradition, don’t appropriate meaning the way some westernized tribal art did. (Although there are exceptions as always). Almost every person can look back to their own heritage and find base images to begin working from- or they can use modern maths to create something entirely new, that fits within this style.

I’ve been planning a few art brut tattoos lately, using this sort of layout for the body forms, and have done my share of geometry and radial symmetry tattoos as well. I’m wondering what everyone thinks of this little surge in demand for these.

Also here are some amazing images culled from various sources, of tattooing in this style. Feel free to add your own images or thoughts in the comments.



Miahwaska Tattoo Artist - Oakland, CA

Miahwaska Tattoo Artist – Oakland, CA


Mianmar woman


ancient Pict


Traditional Croatian Catholic Tattoo

Traditional Croatian Catholic Tattoo



Roxx at 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco

Roxx at 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco


Kalinga tribal tattoo artist Whang-Od. Photo via Lars Krutak.

Kalinga tribal tattoo artist Whang-Od. Photo via Lars Krutak.


by Nate Euvrard @ Secret Society

by Nate Euvrard @ Secret Society

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a martian octopus

Posted by resonanteye on 09/17/2015

the excitement is palpable

the excitement is palpable


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