macrame and drilled stones and prepared objects.

I’ve made tons of these, but only a few are left for sale. If you want a specific rock type/cord color combination, just let me know.

il_170x135.489006896_sm9t il_170x135.489010150_mj0y il_170x135.489054907_p27t il_170x135.489056931_1s7k il_170x135.489071909_aj01 il_170x135.489027380_onzs il_170x135.489028248_kiu1 il_170x135.489090544_b5gn il_170x135.489138361_qrg9 il_170x135.489092498_a4mv il_170x135.489093176_2f02 il_170x135.489094128_qcny il_170x135.489142235_equwil_170x135.487288215_qi4pil_170x135.361999266_6qbzil_170x135.486872710_3ot0il_170x135.487032448_jhzdil_170x135.487240710_7z17il_170x135.297046568  il_170x135.486876668_gvdgil_170x135.329928551 il_170x135.318355656 il_170x135.362014521_2c9j il_170x135.362001818_1ip9 il_170x135.319186412 il_170x135.328944688 il_170x135.363087662_htwd il_170x135.362002476_9l11 il_170x135.362003908_be0c il_170x135.480264749_8hb0 il_170x135.480265865_502o

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  1. […] Here are a few; the rest are over at the rocks-n-such page. […]


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